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Editor Alternate Not Showing, Native Shape Showing


I have the following configuration:
  1. I am on Orchard 1.7.1
  2. Orchard has been published (from Orchard.Web) and deployed to the server - may be related to this
  3. I have a base theme that is inherited by another theme
  4. The base theme has EditorTemplate overrides done
  5. Both themes were transferred to the website using an Orchard package
The issue is that the EditorTemplate overrides sometime work and sometime don't Here are two images showing it is inconsistent:

This image shows the shape working correctly:

This image is the one that is not working correctly though it has the same Active Template as image above:

This is not just a stylesheet issue, the actual html is different (so they really are two different shapes). Frustrating though that it does NOT happen on localhost.

-- UPDATE --
I have gone ahead and copied my EditorTemplate overrides from my base theme to my actual theme (which is based on the base theme), packaged it up, and deployed to the server and currently everything works. Note that I had to actually package it up and deploy to server, FTP'ing the files over did not take hold (perhaps deploying to the server caused it to restart).

There seems to be a problem when overriding EditorTemplate files in just the base theme.

I had to restart my server this morning and the issue appeared again so it appears it has nothing to do with the base theme or actual theme having the views. I have been having trouble since using the "Publish" approach to deploying my website so might just revert back to my tried and true method of first building then deploying (love to hear if anyone else having issues or if there is a fix).