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Orchard.Azure.Web project is extremely slow


When running the Orchard.Azure.Web project in VS2012, Azure emulator for debugging, it takes about 120 seconds for a page load.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Download Orchard 1.6.1 source
  2. Open the src\Orchard.Azure\Orchard.Azure.sln solution
  3. Run the Cloud services project in VS2012
  4. Wait ... wait ... wait
Even subsequent page loads to other pages (eg create a blog or about us => test those pages) in the Orchard.Azure.Web are quite slow (20+ seconds). None of our other (6 other unrelated) Azure Cloud services projects exhibit this sort of delays, even with remote dBs, so the local machine is somewhat vetted.

Test system
SW: Win8, VS2012 Ultimate, .NET 4.5, Azure SDK 2.0, 1.8 and 1.7
HW: core i7 @ 2.8Ghz, 16GB ram, SSDs, dedicated Azure emulator host
Closed Aug 16, 2013 at 7:00 PM by sebastienros