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The Orchard team is a small group of developers at Microsoft who are passionate about delivering open source solutions on .NET technology. The team is primarily composed of ASP.NET developers and has recently grown with the addition of two of the principal developers on Oxite, Erik Porter and Nathan Heskew, as well as Louis DeJardin, a long-time ASP.NET developer, community software advocate, and creator of the SparkViewEngine for MVC.

Suha Can | Developer
Location: Redmond, WA | Time zone: GMT-8

Coding for the better half of his 27 years, Suha moved to the US in 2007 to join ASP.NET team as a Software Engineer, where he worked on various components such as the ASP.NET Cache, Session State, Browser Capabilities and Code Access Security. In his prior life he was building firmware for wireless routers and networking equipment based on open source systems. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and playing MMORPGs. His passion is to build systems to facilitate application development for developers and non-developers alike. He sometimes dreams of the times when people will give each other self-brewed software as birthday presents.

Louis DeJardin | Developer
Location: Redmond, WA | Time zone: GMT-8 | Blog:

Louis DeJardin is a Senior Developer on the Microsoft ASP.NET team. He is shocked to realize he has eighteen years of experience developing software professionally on Microsoft platforms, and is the creator of the Spark open source view engine for ASP.NET MVC and Castle Project MonoRail.

Nathan Heskew | Developer
Location: Redmond, WA | Time zone: GMT-8

Nathan's all about his family, coffee, beer, web apps and, well, software in general. His first experience working on a real website was as a "Web Intern" at the University of Washington's Bothell campus. A few years at the UW, from intern to a full-time dev/sys admin for the web stack, were full of Perl, HTML and CSS and made a huge impact on how he'd view web development for a long time to come. More recently Nathan joined Microsoft a few years ago to work within MSN and from there joined up with the group that produces and runs the likes of Channel 9 and MIX Online. From the work our dev team did on MIX Online, Erik Porter and I started work on what's now known as Oxite.

Bertrand Le Roy | Program Manager
Location: Redmond, WA | Time zone: GMT-8 | Blog: | Twitter: | LinkedIn:

Bertrand started his professional developer career in 1982 when he published his first video game. He then spent a few years studying math and physics, got a Ph.D. and then went back to software development. He released in 2002 what was probably the first CMS to run on ASP.NET. A year later, he was hired by Microsoft’s ASP.NET team and moved to the US. He has worked on ASP.NET versions 2.0 to 4.0, ASP.NET Ajax, contributed to making jQuery an official part of the .NET developer’s tool chest and represents Microsoft in the OpenAjax Alliance’s steering committee. In his spare time, he’s a gamer, a pretty good skier, a very mediocre golfer and he wonders who really reads bios.

Bradley Millington | Engineering Lead
Location: Redmond, WA | Time zone: GMT-8

Bradley Millington is a long-standing member of the ASP.NET and Visual Web Developer teams at Microsoft. Among his feature contributions are the 2.0 data controls, ASP.NET MVC tooling in Visual Studio, and SQL Express database support for Web applications. His passions outside of software include playing his guitar and making plants grow, despite his occasional neglect.

Renaud Paquay | Development Lead
Location: Redmond, WA | Time zone: GMT-8

Renaud has been programming for more than 25 years, professionally for about half of that time. His first application was a clone of the original Breakout game, written in Z80 assembler on a ZX-81 computer with a (mind blowing) 16-KB ram add-on. After living and working in Belgium for most of his life, he moved to the United States almost 8 years ago and joined Microsoft to work in the C# team on the C# debugger and then on C# IntelliSense. He worked on the internal architecture of the C# IntelliSense engine as well implemented features such as Code Colorization, Rename, Extract Method and Edit and Continue. He moved to the ASP.NET team in early 2009 to help form the Orchard project. In his spare time, Renaud enjoys playing video games (any platform as long as the game is good), biking, running and cooking.

Erik Porter | Developer
Location: Redmond, WA | Time zone: GMT-8 | Blog: | Twitter:

Erik Porter has been building web applications for over a decade. Before joining Microsoft he was an MVP for 4 years and an ASP.NET Insider. While new to the Orchard team, Erik spent 4 years on the Channel 9 development team building out a scalable community web platform for Channel 9 using ASP.NET and SQL Server. In his spare time, with the help of Nathan, he created and developed Oxite.

Jonathan Wall | Web Designer
Location: Redmond, WA | Time zone: GMT-8 | Portfolio:

Jon Wall was born and raised in Honolulu. He moved to Minnesota to earn his B.A. in Studio Art, where he met his wife of 17 years. Jon first started designing and developing Web sites in 1995. His Internet experience includes being a web designer at internet startup Blue Nile, one of the most successful online retail sites. He also designed for several of the Live Search properties including Live Maps. In June 2008 he joined the EPX team and is currently the UX designer for Orchard, Visual Studio Web tools, IIS, and teams. On the weekend he enjoys drawing Unicorn flying ponies with his three daughters or showing them how to make a computer count up to 1 million.

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