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Media Management

This is a preliminary design document, to be implemented in the current iteration

Almost all web content is more than just plain hypertext. For that reason, it is necessary for CMS to handle at least images embedded in contents. This document aims at specifying how media contents are uploaded, stored, managed and embedded into contents.

User Stories

  • From the page editor, I can upload an image and insert it into a content zone - See flow 1 below. Users must be able to upload and use media in their contents without leaving the page editor, whether they have JavaScript enabled or not.
  • From the page editor, I can browse to an existing image and insert it into a content zone - See flow 2 below. Media can be reused across different pieces of contents.
  • I can manage the files on the site - See flow 2 below. Media management has its own specialized management UI.
  • When JavaScript is off, I can still upload an image and get its URL as a result, which I can use in an img tag - See flow 1 below. Embedding media in contents is easy with or without JavaScript.

User Experience Walkthroughs

Flow 1: Media uploading and embedding with JavaScript disabled from the page editor

1. Add media
Step 1
2. Choose files
Step 2
3. Upload files
Step 3
4. Embed media
Step 4

Flow 2: Media management

1. Media folders
Step 1
2. Folder management
Step 2
3. Add folder
Step 3
4. Save folder
Step 4
5. Add media
Step 5
6. Browse files
Step 6
7. Choose files
Step 7
8. Upload files
Step 8
9. View file details
Step 9
10. Copy file URL
Step 10
11. Edit page
Step 11
12. Embed file URL
Step 12

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