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Dependencies and Libraries

Notice: This page is deprecated and may contain information that is out-of-date. We've moved our docs to our new project website wiki,

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This section enumerates the dependencies used in the Orchard project, with a brief description of what Orchard makes use of. A copy of a dependencies is located in the "lib" directory of the source repository, along with their respective licenses. You can also view the attributions for our library dependencies in the CREDITS.txt file at the root of the Orchard source tree.


ASP.NET MVC is used as the web programming model. In addition to the MVC v1 features, we currently use MVC 2 specifically for Areas (Orchard modules are MVC areas).


This is the default spam protection service in Orchard.

Autofac 2 & Autofac contrib

Dependency Injection is used heavily internally, mainly for publishing and consuming services between the Ochard.Web host and the Orchard packages.

Castle Windsor 2.0

Orchard uses Castle Winder 2.0 for type proxy generation and logging support.

Eric Meyer's Reset CSS

This is used to even the CSS rendering playing field across browsers.


This library is a fluent wrapper around System.IO that we use in some tests.

Html Agility Pack

Flexible HTML parsing and querying.

jQuery & jQueryUI, jQuery ui.timepickr jQuery utils

We use jQuery to progressively improve the user experience in Orchard.


Log4Net is used for logging in Orchard.


Full-text search and indexation engine.


The moq library is used when object moqs are needed for writing unit tests.

NHibernate & dependencies, FluentNHibernate, NHLambdaExtensions, LinqNHibernate

Orchard uses NHibernate, Fluent NHibernate and Linq To NHibernate for data access.


NUnit is used for writing unit tests.


SharpZipLib is used for zipping/unzipping files. For example, the Orchard media manager module uses this library to unzip uploaded media files.


This BDD-style library is used in Orchard for integration tests.

SQLite or SQL Server

Orchard uses SQLite by default for database access but can also use SQL Server and SQL Server Express.


TinyMCE is currently used for editing CMS pages content.


WCat is a lightweight HTTP load generating tool used for performance testing.


The YAML format is used in Orchard configuration and meta-data files.


We use parts of YUI for easier CSS.

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