INotifier prevents page loading when another form is submitting...

Topics: Core
May 29 at 11:37 PM
Edited May 29 at 11:44 PM
Hi, all,
I'm using Orchard 1.8.1 platform. I found this issue is a bit weird but I'm not sure it was my mistake or not...

I'm using 2 browsers to simulate 2 users browsing my website at the same time. Say computer A and computer B.

When the website is restarted, I submit a form using A, which is big data to be processed in website background and takes a while. During the submitting, I load a webpage on B, and it works fine. The page on B can be displayed when A is submitting.

After the work on A is done, a notification from INotifier is displayed. Then I do the same thing, submit data on A, then load page on B at the same time. The page loading is stuck! And the page cannot be loaded until the submitting is done on A.

I tried it many time and found that once INotifier is activated, the pages will not be able to be loaded if a form is in process of submitting.

Anybody has idea what's going on? Thanks a million.

To repeat, just let submitting action sleep few seconds and load another page when it is sleeping. Check the notifier displayed before and after.