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Reports/Dashboards restrictions/requirements

Topics: Customizing Orchard, General
Jun 21, 2016 at 2:01 AM
Is there a list of prereq or limitations for reports or dashboards modules?

on localhost I can enable dashboard, and you get the settings "Dashboard" entry where you can edit the dashboard page like any other content, however on the prod server no menu item and no "Edit" button on the bottom right of the actual dashboard page...

Can only think of some server specific restriction... host environment limitations... I don't know much about the hosted environment, other than it was setup as Win2012 via WebMatrix (so I'm told).

Reports (NOTE: this MAY or maynot be a related issue) appears to be suffering similar limitations, but I'm not familiar with Reports so I'm not sure what its supposed to look like/be able to do exactly... I see a "setup report" but that's about it, no buttons, no widgets, nothing interesting...
this says "not much", but I read (I think on orcharddojo, but cant' find the link now...) that you are supposed to get a new "thing" (reportquery/content type?) or something that you use to build reports but I can't see such a thing anywhere...

Any help appreciated!