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Media ImageEditor button not showing

Topics: Administration, Core, General
Jan 21, 2016 at 7:40 AM
what are the criteria's to make the Media 'ImageEditor' button appear?
I'm out of ideas on this issue; what in the world am I missing!?

My Environment: 1.9.2; WebMatrix, VS2015 or deployed (ISP i.e not on Azure)

Following Modules (and its prereq's) are enabled:

I always use the standard Media Import to load my images
What stupid thin am I missing, doing wrong?
Thanks for your time and hints, ed

As a GitHub novice I placed - probably erroneously - this same issue also on GitHub (#6285)!
I (only) understand that GitHub is firstly an App for distributed revision control using (local) repositories. After Orchard introduced GitHub: where is the correct place to report issues like this? I see reported issues also on GitHub - are all of them based on local repositories contributing to fix Orchard development / design errors?
Thanks for n clarification ?