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exchanging goods or services system

Topics: Customizing Orchard
Nov 20, 2015 at 7:07 PM
The Project is a nonprofit webpage about exchanging goods or services for other goods or services without money, something i want to do voluntary for my church.

After some research I decided to use the Orchard. I come from a deferent programming background not the web programming and is better for me to invest knowledge to dot net and MVC as I found it (a little) more close to C MFC in VS beside the simple html I know.

need some general guidelines for:
what module and how to use them for

1) Each USER have the ability to publish the offered service or goods (a title + description text + a picture + a category from a combo box select)
2) To see his/her list of all published goods (edit / delete / activate / deactivate).
3) To see all others (users) offers in a filtered list
4) emailing to the user if there is any interest of his/her goods

at first is not looking a too demanding project … or not !
advises and help how to do or at least where to look and read.

Thank you
Nov 20, 2015 at 7:47 PM
You will probably need a custom module with a custom content part, that custom content part will have all the fields you mentioned, plus some user ref fields that tracks who donates and to who.
The custom module will need to have some controllers to list the current logged in user donations, and enables the user to filter and do other stuff you mentioned. Those controllers will need to have IContentManager injected and be used for retrieval and filtering those data.
The emailing stuff could be done by activating a workflow action on certain user interactions or on certain content events, or it could be done by many other ways.

The project is not easy or hard, it's in between, but if you are not that good at ASP.NET MVC and Orchard CMS developing, specifically something like DI, ContentPart, etc, I highly recommend that you sharpen your skills on those first.
Nov 21, 2015 at 7:35 AM
Thank you moh_kin

Seems I was thinking (wrong) that were in existence some basic modules, relative to those requirements I mentioned … waiting only to customize them with some coding effort.

Tell me why I have the impression that building from scratch using DOT NET MVC in Visual Studio could be easier and clearer than using any ready CMS system?

what do you think ?
Nov 22, 2015 at 9:21 AM
We all have been there, to think that doing stuff from scratch is better than using a framework, specially if that framework requires some learning curve, but in the long run using framework is way better, at least it will save you sometime building some ready modules/features like users and membership, roles, routing and navigation, content types, editors, layouts, themes, etc... and the framework will teach you some very good practices and techniques.

Most of the features in your project could be done using existing features, but you will need some code for listing and filtering.