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Topics: Customizing Orchard
Sep 19, 2015 at 6:32 PM
Hello, I tried to upgrade orchard from 1.8.x to 1.9.x, I ran in to some issues with one of my modules. I am using ITxaonomyService.GetTermByPath(string), and that function seems to be missing now.

Example of code:
protected override DriverResult Display(FilterWidgetPart part, string displayType, dynamic shapeHelper)
        DateTime start = DateTime.Now;
        List<TermPart> terms;

        // Get url
        var url = _httpContextAccessor.Current().Request.Path;

        // Replace products in url with product-groups
        string newUrl = Regex.Replace(url, @"\bproducts\b", "product-groups", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
        newUrl = newUrl.TrimStart('/');

        // Get term from newurl
        var term = _taxonomyService.GetTermByPath(newUrl);