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Ochard without Nhibernate ???

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Aug 31, 2015 at 2:25 PM
hi all ,
I went to trouble with using orchard and nhibernate!
some things is not obvious for me about orchard and nhibernate!
I was working with and entity for a while and cloud find solution for my scenarios most of the time!
some question that I want to know about are :
1- why orchard uses nhibernate ? is there any advantages vs and entity ?
2- orchard databases have Orchard_Framework_ContentItemRecord table and contentpartrecord table which both have content part data ! why should data saved into 2 tables ?
I want to use orchard cms for deploying online news agency which will contains lot of news around the world and with this structure, database size grows unexpectedly !!!
3 - I have problem with bulk insert in nhibernate , and up to now I could not find any acceptable solution in nhibernate! I should mention that mayby these problem are ablout my lack of knowledg in orchard and nhibernate!!!

4 - resource usage is so high , and get time out alternatively ! when number of record in tables is high

so , if there is any references for question that I've mentioned , please let me know about them , and if not what do you think about changing the orchard data access layer from nhibernate to or entity?