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Does Orchard CMS support using any Web Templete which is based on HTML,jQuery + CSS

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Jul 10, 2015 at 1:50 PM
I want to build a website for our comapny and i find some powerful web templates which is based on the following standard technologies:-
  1. jQuery
examples of these templates is the following live demo TEXT

so is it supported to use these web templetes insdie Orchard? i mean is it just adding the web templete's source layout page, css and scripts inside Orchard project ? or the web template itself need to be Orchard compatible ?
Jul 10, 2015 at 2:37 PM
You can absolutely use that template, but you'll have to do much more than simply adding the web template's source HTML files, css and scripts.
You'll need to do things like pasting in the HTML from the template into the Layout.cshtml view of your Orchard theme and define various zones (primarily the Content zone).
The sample template you provided could be nicely hooked in with the combination of Orchard.Layouts so that you can control the layouts in the body section from the CMS.
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Jul 10, 2015 at 3:31 PM
Edited Jul 10, 2015 at 3:32 PM
thanks a lot for your reply.
Since I have solid knowledge in mvc, so you mean by the Layout.cshtml is the same as the _layout view found under the views shared folder in a standard mvc web application?

Second question, I like Orchard after reading about it especially that it is build on mvc which I like much. So can i follow this approach:- For phase one for my project I can deploy the web template as-is and I manually edit its source files; html, css, images,etc to match our content. Then meanwhile after deploying the web site I start learning Orchard and testing its functionalists, then let say after one month I integrate the web template with Orchard and deploy both on my server instead of the static web template? Is this a valid approach ?
Third question. I found many training materials about Orchard, but can you provide some links that talks mainly about using web template inside Orchard ?

Thanks in advance.
Jul 10, 2015 at 4:17 PM
You're welcome.
No, Layout.cshtml in Orchard is a so-called shape template, which means it is a view which model type is a shape (which in turn is a dynamic object of type Shape or any derivative of that). However, what it boils down to is that this Layout.cshtml view will render your website, so the common HTML elements in between the <body> tags will go in here (everything outside of the <body> tag will be rendered by the Document.cshtml view, which is the wrapper of Layout.cshtml).

Regarding your second question, you could do it like that, just make sure you update your web.config to allow static HTML files to be served.

Regarding question three, try these: and They explain various key concepts. And of course checkout the documentation ( - Creating Themes.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.
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Jul 10, 2015 at 5:28 PM
thanks for the explanations. i will check all the links and start working on Orchard.. for now i do not have further questions .. thanks foe the help.