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problem with working alternates

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Jun 4, 2015 at 8:24 AM
hi all ,
after trying different solution Now I had some information about my problem :
I already 've added MediaLibraryPickerField for My BlogPost Type,
I 'm using an alternate layout for my blog , with the name of Layout-url-test.cshtml that the name of my blog is test .
and also creating Content-url-test.cshtml , Fields.MediaLibraryPicker.Summary-url-test.cshtml ,Parts.Blogs.BlogPost.List-url-test.cshtml ,
the layout is ok , and my blog posts with images is displaying media , but when I added alternate file Parts.Blogs.BlogPost.List-url-test.cshtml no images are displayed in blog post list and blog post detail !
I realized that there is some thing with my alternate files but I couldn't find any thing help full for my problem !!!
 var list = Model.ContentItems;
  var items = list.Items;
 var body = "";
 string name = string.Empty;
 foreach(var post in items)

    var blogPost = post.ContentItem;

     body = post.ContentItem.BodyPart.Text;
    var field = post.MediaLibraryPickerField;
         name  =  field.DisplayName;
I could get text for bodypart but field always is null !!!

should I add some code lines in theme file ???
Jun 13, 2015 at 7:27 AM
hi all ,
what is the problem with my question?!!!
really , there is no solution for ?