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HTML widget doesn't follow the position value it is given for that zone

Topics: General, Localization, Troubleshooting
Apr 26, 2015 at 5:00 PM
I am using Orchard 1.8.1

I have 2 html widgets and one projection in a zone. Html widgets in the zone are the same content for 2 different languages, tr-TR and en-US (localization enabled)

I give the html widgets position values as 1 and 2. And the projection has the position value 10. I added the the en-US version after I created the tr-TR html and the projection. So when I check the tr-TR version of the site everything is in order. However when I switch to the en-US version the html widget is added to the bottom. It's as if following the creation order rather than the position values to place the widgets in the zone.

I wen to a version where I hadn't enabled the lcoalization and culturePicker and tried it in a zone with only 2 simple html widgets and it still does follow the creation order. I cannot change the order they are shown.

what I am missing here?
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