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Edit User Passwords

Topics: Customizing Orchard
Apr 24, 2015 at 10:34 PM
Edited Apr 24, 2015 at 10:41 PM
Orchard 1.x/1.9 introduces a feature that adds a password editor to users. I have created my own area for managing users based off of the Orchard.Users module but it doesn't work with the new password editor. I've copied the code for the AdminController exactly just to see if I had done something wrong but it still won't work. The following line of code should build an editor for both the roles and the password, but it ignores the password editor for some reason.
var model = Services.ContentManager.BuildEditor(user);
When I stepped through the code everything went through just fine and looked the same as when I stepped through the code for the Orchard.Users module except the final return did not include the shape for the password editor. The feature for editing passwords is part of the Orchard.Users module and not in its own module, could this be causing the problem? I'm a little confused why the builder can't get the password editor when it's being run exactly the same as in the Orchard.Users module. Thank you.