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Rendering Content Item Picker (content item) Parts in a Projection Widget

Topics: Core, General
Apr 24, 2015 at 12:48 AM
I’ve created two different ContentType’s. One called ‘Course’ and another called ‘Course Catalog Item’

Course has 3 fields: a date time field, a text field, and a content picker field.

Course Catalog Item is simple, it has no fields, but parts include a Title, and a Body.

I’ve created a few courses, which all have different values for the fields, but some have the same Content Item in the Content Picker field. I then created a query, added some filters, and sorted by date time. When it comes to the layout of the query, I chose the shape layout, and created an alternate with an arbitrary name ‘WeeklyClass.cshtml’ and included this code snippet:
    Var shapes = Model.BuildShapes;

 @foreach(var shape in shapes()) {
I did the following to have full control over alternate shapes using the Summary Display Type. This is where I am finding trouble rendering a projection widget that includes the query. When I create the projection query, I see that the content picker field’s, content Item includes a link to the detail from the query list . I also noticed that when I switch the query's layout Display type to Detail, I get a step closer to desired behavior which is having the content item link directly in the projection widget list of items. I was hoping to be able to somehow render the content picker field’s content Item’s body directly into the projection widgets list items, rather than linking to the content item.

If I’m going about this incorrectly any suggestions would help. The goal is to be able to add course items, and include the same content type (course catalog item) from a content picker into the multiple courses with different time values. Those courses would then render content item parts chosen in the content picker directly into the projection widget's query list.