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Keepalive Module not showing? Any suggestions...

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Feb 3, 2015 at 6:57 AM
Hey Guys, has anyone ever installed and enabled the KeepAlive module [in Orchard 1.8.1] only to have it not display where it should [http://…/Admin/Settings/Index]? I have used it a couple of times in 1.8.1 with no issues, but this one site – that is pretty well vanilla – isn’t showing/allowing me to enter the Keepalive URL to ping? Any thoughts / help greatly appreciated, thanks Dyr
Feb 12, 2015 at 12:15 AM
Ok, so I installed this module from the gallery on a live site, result: It installed / enabled, but never showed in the admin / settings panel.

I then repeated the above on my development PC, with the same result.

So what I discovered was, after including the module's project on my dev pc - that the proj was running 4.0; so after changing that to 4.5 along with a rebuild, it now works and displays in the admin panel correctly.

QUESTION is, what is the correct procedure to update my live site?
  • Disable the module - and replace the folder found at:
    orchard.web/modules/keepalive with the new one?
  • Just copy the bin files from dev pc "orchard.web/modules/keepalive/bin" to the live one?
I really dont want to break the site.

Thanks for your thoughts, regards Dyr
Feb 12, 2015 at 1:18 AM
Normally, on a live site you don't need sources files (.cs, .csproj), you need, if any, script (.js), views (.cshtml), module.txt,, and the bin folder that contains the *.dll for your module and its dependencies. The dll need to be built with the same Orchard version as your live site

When you install a non precompiled module, it will be dynamically compiled at run time (if it has source and a *.csproj files). So it can fail if there are some mismatches, e.g with version. As you have Visual Studio, it's always better to integrate a new module in your solution, you can correct dll references, .net version, rebuild all... Same for themes that contain some code. Then you can publish if all is ok. At this point, it depends on your publish method

In Orchard root folder, there is the "ClickToBluid.cmd" that you can use to do all the unit tests and generate a web package. This package includes all the sources files, but you will see for each module the bin folders with the necessary *.dll. To do a precompiled package with no source files, you can use the Visual Studio dev command windows and type "build precompiled"

If these commands fail (it depends on the Orchard version), you can click "Publish" on the Orchard.Web project. If you don't already have a profile to publish directly to your site, you can input a name and select the file system option... Then you will get a precompiled package without source files, modules bin folders with only necessary *.dll... Then, you can see there the necessary files for each modules...

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Feb 12, 2015 at 9:01 PM
Thanks for the great / succint reply jtkeck - I did indeed manage to get it going [only moments before your post] - but now with the above I feel much more confident in the correct approach, for I dumped all the bin files straight in along with the web.config...obviously, I probably only needed 3-4 files i'll be sure to do the correct thing next time.
Your time and effort is hugely appreciated. Kind regards, Dyr