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When Orchard and ASP.NET vNext and Entity Framework support

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Dec 17, 2014 at 9:00 AM
I'm in a difficult situation to take an Architecture decision about use Orchard CMS.

There are three key questions that I can't clarify myself

If I start today two applications in Orchard CMS, how long time we will have support and patches for current version if it will change a lot for support ASP.NET vNext

Today Orchard CMS uses NHibernate for ORM functionality, but I read in the meetings post that there are a project to port it to Entity Framework. So how this will impact in the current version and the next version.

If we done the sites in Orchard CMS and in one year you release Orchard CMS vNext and Entity Framework how much work will take migrate the current version to the Orchard CMS vNext version.

Dec 17, 2014 at 11:51 AM
Hi albertoleonTis,
  1. We normally provide support the last major release whilst working on the current one. look at 1.8.x... it was 1.8 -> 1.8.1 -> 1.8.2 -> soon to be 1.8.3 with 1.9, where the last minor and major release are supported.
  2. We have not decided anything in regards to an ORM yet ( The current VNext stuff has no concepts of data access yet and wont for sometime until we solve other issues first.
  3. I firmly believe in Export/Import to migrate between the two from a content perspective. From a code perspective, you will need to revise your code, alot of concepts will remain, and others will be replaced, new ones in others out etc.