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Custom content part that includes a list of pairs <taxonomyTerm, taxonomyTerm>

Topics: Writing modules
Dec 1, 2014 at 11:25 AM

I'm pretty new to Orchard so maybe this whole concept of mine is wrong, but at least, for now, conceptually works.

Say I have two different taxonomies already defined in the admin dashboard: the first defines some 'fields' an expert is experienced in (buildings, telecom, IT, electrical, etc), and the other defines the 'expertise level' (10+ years, 5 years, novice, zero experience, etc).

Moving on, I've created a new Content Type (named 'professional profile') in which I defined some boring information such as name, phone, address, date of birth, and so on.

What I'd like to achieve is a mean to have multiple pairs <field, level> linked to my 'professional profile' content type. I've thought about creating a custom module/content part that does just that, but I'm little confused on what I can actually do with Orchard.

My totally inexperienced mind suggests me to have only a simple list of pairs <taxonomy1_termId(int), taxonomy2_termId(int)> defined in the Model of the custom module I'm trying to create. But from here, how can I show in the admin dashboard a dropdown allowing me to choose the right taxonomies and their terms?
Dec 10, 2014 at 2:28 AM
I think I'd solve that by having a single taxonomy, but two levels deep: telecom/5years.