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Default tenant 404s

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Oct 2, 2014 at 4:44 PM
I have had orchard running for a few months now. I set up the parent site: ( and enabled tenants and added a new tenant ( All went well. Then I needed to add another tenant and I wanted it to be It worked fine a for a few minutes and then starts 404-ing. So I changed it to and it works fine - but this is not what I want. I can change it back and again it will work for a few minutes and then weirdly starts 404-ing again.

I read a short article about the default tenant site should always have a host or prefix. So I checked my default tenant site and it did not have a host or a prefix. I went ahead and changed the host to Now my default/parent site 404s. I no longer have access to my tenant settings because the whole parent site is 404-ing!!

Please help!! How can I get my parent site back and how can I get one of my tenants to use a prefix?

Thank you!