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Running Orchard in Azure

Topics: Customizing Orchard, General, Installing Orchard
Jul 18, 2014 at 5:25 PM
Please comment on this method of publishing to Azure, and whether other steps are required.

Already set up and configured:
• Local copy of Orchard (from CodePlex repository)
• Visual Studio Online git repository
• Azure web site(s)
Steps to publish an update:
1. Make change to my themes and custom modules. Test the web site in my local IIS.
2. Use Visual Studio's "Publish" command, targeting another folder on my computer, with the option to "Exclude files from App_Data...".  Test this second website on my local IIS.  This folder is a local git repository linked to the online repository.  
3. Commit and push the changes from this local git repository to my Visual Studio Online repository, using VS 2013 Team Explorer.
4. From the Azure management console for the web site, use "Edit in Visual Studio Online" (Monaco). In there, use the "Connect to Visual Studio Online" menu to connect to the same Visual Studio Online git repository.
5. In the Monaco console, run "git pull origin master" to update the web site.  Also delete the files in the "dependencies" folder.
With this procedure, I can have a number of Azure web sites all pull from the same online git repository, so that I can directly update them all.

This appears to be working well, and the web sites are running fine.

My questions:
1. Are there any potential issues with using this publishing approach?
2. Does the Orchard site correctly adapt to running in Azure, or are extra steps needed to optimize it for Azure ?