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Bulk changing urls in content and navigation?

Topics: Administration, Core, General, Troubleshooting
Jul 15, 2014 at 9:00 AM
I'm looking for a way to quickly and easily search+replace urls in my content elements as well as my navigations.

Orchard is currently on out development server (http://webdev/ in the local network). The live website is

  1. The Navigations contain a lot of Custom Link elements that use http://webdev/... as url so we can test if everything works fine. When we deploy the website to our live server all the urls need to be changed from http://webdev/... to
  2. The Content elements (Pages) contain images that were inserted using the Media Manager/Selector thingy. The src url of the images looks like this: src="/Orchard/Media/Default/Projects/clean-water-1.png". the "Orchard" part seems to be taken from the base-url set in the settings (so if you change the base-url later all your images are broken!). When deploying I need a way to change all the img src urls from "/Orchard/Media/..." to just /Media/..."
I guess this can somehow be done with SQL commands, but I lack some experience in that respect (also I don't know where the items I look for are stored in the database).

Any help highly appreciated!