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Does an alernative to the 1.6.1 Taxonomy Widget [menu] exist?

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Jul 4, 2014 at 10:53 AM
Hi Guys, I’ve been away from the Orchard scene for quite a while now [I was never really flash at it, but I’m a glutton for punishment]. Anyhow, I’ve recently updated a 1.6.1 site to 1.8.1 and only have one more hurdle to jump before it’s fully transposed – a deprecated taxonomy widget 1.8.1 alternative? I remember people wanting an alternative many moons ago, but I’m not sure if there ever was one [I can't find it, anyways] for creating a Menu Tree like the old widget use to.
I’ve noted a few posts stating to create a query > projection, but don’t really know the way to go about it [erratic results] – my situation:

Birds of Australia (0)  
    Volume 1 (1)    
    Volume 2 (0)    
    Volume 3 (0)    
    Volume 4 (0)    
    Volume 5 (3)    
    Volume 6 (0)    
    Volume 7 (1)    
    Volume Supplement (3)   
Mammals of Australia (0)    
    Volume 1 (3)    
    Volume 2 (6)    
    Volume 3 (0)
...short of recreating the menu manually, what Dynamic approaches are available, if any? Thank for any support, cheers Dyr
Jul 6, 2014 at 10:20 AM
...anyone want to have a stab at pointing me in the right direction? Shape tracing doesnt seem to work, as the alternates created [in my case] are all blank? Surely someone has had to do this? Literally any suggestions will be appreciates, thanks Dyr
Jul 7, 2014 at 2:56 AM
Ok, thanks to a StackOverflow member i'm now displaying my menu, almost, how it once used to be with one minor detail missing; the Content Item numbers [count] in that section?

e.g. I have links like:
Birds of Australia 
Volume 1  
Volume 2    
Volume 3    
Volume 4
instead of:
Birds of Australia (6)  
    Volume 1 (1)    
    Volume 2 (0)    
    Volume 3 (3)    
    Volume 4 (2)
So i've created some alternates, but they only have the following code:


Ultimately, I would like to replicate pre 1.7's Widget - Parts.Taxonomies.Menu.cshtml as follows:
@using Orchard.Utility.Extensions;
@using Contrib.Taxonomies.Models;
@using Contrib.Taxonomies.Helpers;

    int level=0;
    int firstLevel = -1;

<div class="taxonomy-menu">
<ul class="terms">
    @foreach (TermPart term in Model.Terms) {
     if(firstLevel == -1){
         firstLevel = term.GetLevels();
     var text = Model.ContentPart.DisplayContentCount ? (string)term.Name + T(" ({0})", term.Count).Text : (string)term.Name;
        if(term.GetLevels() - firstLevel > level) {
            @:<ul class="terms">
        if(term.GetLevels() - firstLevel < level) {

            @Html.ItemDisplayLink(text, term.ContentItem)
    @for (int i = 0; i < level; i++) {
The question is, how do I reference/iterate through the Section Titles? I noted in the query creator "Model.Content.Fields.Product.Section" but I always get Null? Can anybody take the time to point me in the right direction. I truly would appreciate some help, thanks in anticipation, cheers Dyr