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Image requires Creatable in order to give permissions to edit

Topics: Core, Customizing Orchard, General
May 28, 2014 at 8:32 PM
We have users that have permissions to only edit/publish certain content types, these users also have the ManageMedia permission in order to add/remove media to via the Html editor. We require these users to also be able to edit the image to set the alt and caption text. Users are unable to do this unless I give them Edit Content permission. However this permission will give the users permissions on all other dynamic content types.
It doesn't seem valid that a user can have the ManageMedia permission but not be able to edit the image properties.
In order to work around this issue I have had to edit the Image content type and allow it to be Creatable, I can then assign permissions to the Image content type.

Looking at the code this is because the EditContent permission is required on the Image content type in order to edit it. This permission has to be assigned using DynamicPermissions, however this only works on Content Types that are Creatable. Is there any reason why we can't remove this restriction?

The other fix would be to not use the generic admin edit controller and create one within the MediaLibrary.

What do people think? I'm happy to create a fix and submit a pull request, just want sure the best solution.