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User cannot create own blog even when he have permissions

Topics: Administration, General
Apr 30, 2014 at 10:49 AM
I am a new user of the current version Orchard 1.8. I found one issue that maybe was not problem in the previous versions but it is a problem now.

I cannot solve the issue and I cannot find the answer on the forums.

I would like to give permission to the Authenticated users to create own blog and publish post to them. I set these permissions:

Orchard.Blogs Feature
[x] Manage own blogs
[ ] Manage blogs for others
[x] Edit own blog posts
[ ] Edit blog posts for others
[x] Publish or unpublish own blog post
[ ] Publish or unpublish blog post for others
[x] Delete own blog post
[ ] Delete blog post for others

[ ] Publish or unpublish Blog for others
[x] Publish or unpublish Blog
[ ] Edit Blog for others
[x] Edit Blog
[ ] Delete Blog for others
[x] Delete Blog
[ ] View Blog by others
[ ] View own Blog

But user is not allowed to create blog even when the Blog is “Creatable” and is listed in the “New” menu in the Dashboard. When I set “Manage blogs for others” then the user have too much permissions and is able to publish posts to other blogs.

During my searching I found that maybe it is possible to use “Content Item Permissions” module. I added “Content Permissions” part to the Blog Content Definition and I added all permissions to the Authenticated role but nothing changed.

Please is it possible to give permission to create blog without giving all the permissions?

Thank you.