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Installing Orchard Zip file - with MS SQL Express and IIS App Pool

Topics: Installing Orchard
Apr 30, 2014 at 1:13 AM
I have installed Orchard via the webplattformInstaller without problems, but I want to install it now for real:
No compiling tools on a server, without the included small db, no use of Windows Administrator Account for the AppPool and SQL-Server Login etc.
So I set up a Windows Server 2012 in a Servercloud with MS SQL Express 2014 and the IIS Apppool.
  1. The expanded zip not only contents the expected orchard folder but other files. What about these files? They are not mentioned in the
  2. What exactly should I prepare in SQLServer Express (I made a db, two logins (IIS Apppool and after I fail with many trials with the connection string, another usual windows account), mapped to dbwriter, dbreader, etc. enabled tcp-connection).
  3. My IISApplicationPoolOrchard has NTFS-permissions in the Orchard-folder and a login in the SQL-Server and in IIS Advanced settings is the "profile loaded" set to true.
    What connection string should I use for this, because its builtin functionality without password?
  4. Error on the setup-site: "Setup failed: Begin failed with SQL exception" with different tries with the IIS-appp User and with a usual Windows Account, I think the connection string sample is not correct - though I tried many others
Alternative: Any full tutorial for setup an orchard site in compliance with BestPractices for productive use?