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Possibility of Microsoft Azure Orchard.Caching (i.e. Business Data) Module? Plus a Bit Extra

Topics: Customizing Orchard, Writing modules
Apr 24, 2014 at 5:34 PM
I am really trying to understand cache and Orchard and have found multiple instances I have used the ICacheManager where I now need to move over to Orchard.Caching. This being the case, it is making me have the following wishes:
  • Could we have a Microsoft Azure Orchard.Caching (i.e. Business Data) module to get the cache over onto Azure Cache and not bog down the local server with this cache? I know there is a Memcached feature for this though don't think that is compatible / same as Microsoft Azure Cache (and of course if none is in the works I might just try and build one)
  • Could we have Orchard.Caching allow for invalidating by Signals? This one I am not sure how I would start building)
Finally, along with my own modules that I am working on, I looked through the native Orchard modules and think these files could possibly benefit from switching from ICacheManager to utilize Orchard.Caching:
  • Orchard.MediaProcessing\Services\ImageProcessingFileNameProvider.cs
  • Orchard.MediaProcessing\Services\ImageProfileService.cs
  • Orchard.OutputCache\Services\CacheService.cs
  • Orchard.Roles\Services\RoleService.cs
  • Orchard.Scripting\ScriptExpressionEvaluator.cs
  • Orchard.Tags\Services\TagCloudService.cs
Hopefully my understanding of the cache is enough that the above recommendations / requests make sense. Let me know!