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Orchard 1.6 Create Multi-Tenant Sites

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Apr 7, 2014 at 12:13 PM
i'm creating a new module and a couple of sites with the help of Orchard v1.6, and in the last couple of days i was trying to create the second site, with the MultiTenancy Module.
I was able to create the tenant (the folder under App_data\Sites) and also the database objects under the new database prefix.
Since i'm developing this locally i changed my hosts file and set the iis bindings so that my localhost could respond to both sites under my browser.

So the first site (site1.local) has the normal behaviour (no database prefix) and when i point to site.local in my browser, my local Orchard responds perfectly.

The Second onde (site2.local) has a http.404 response, but when i point to site2.local/Admin or to another module i get a perfect http.200 response.

What am i doing wrong.

Would Appreciate some help, tks all of you