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Looking for a Marketing/Sales resource and some technical community interest

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Feb 13, 2014 at 4:34 PM
Edited Feb 13, 2014 at 11:25 PM
This is not the ideal place for this as this is a kind of very technical forum and dedicated to Orchard, but maybe someone that you know could be interested.
As you could read in this post the offer we have built will now be available on the New Azure Store in nearly 40 countries.

And my company, Datwendo, is looking for someone to help us manage the marketing and sales on the US and english speaking markets.

Profile is a man or women with a perfect English (US), some french would be a plus as part of our team is french (and we speak strange english, I know that you know), and good contact and relational, used to social networks, CRM tools and not disgusted by technical subjects related to Cloud and Data.
Not necessarly owning an academic certificat for Commerce, some experience appreciated.
The role will not be to go and get customers by phones but to organize our marketing campaigns, structure sales, fill our contact database, organize meetings, videos, etc.

As we are a startup this will be a pure investment for the candidate on the first months, time for market to ramp up: no salary but a status of associate after a proofing period.

I am also looking for some 'fresh genius' regarding all the technologies we are using: Azure/Amazon/Google, .NET, C#, Owin, autofac, Json, SQL, WebAPI, JQuery, APEX, MS CRM, MS AX and ...Orchard (etc.) but our startup status actually does not allow for any hiring which could change as soon as we reach some market share and get investors.

If interested by any offer send me an email through .

Thank you for your time.
Christian Surieux