Datwendo Cloud Connector reached new Azure Store market -> Orchard users dedicated offer

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Feb 13, 2014 at 4:14 PM
Edited Feb 14, 2014 at 11:18 AM

This post is just to inform you that Datwendo's Cloud Connector Saas offer is now directly sold by Microsoft on the new Azure Store since yesterday.
It has been 5 long months of efforts but now we are present on all the Azure Datacenters which means 40 countries.

And our client facing interface is this prodigious Orchard engine (when I get a bug I forget part of this sentence :) )

To commemorate this very great event for us and to thanks Orchard community we decided to start a time limited promo.

This promo is not limited to Orchard users but also includes MS Dynamics (CRM/AX, etc.) users, Salesforces users, Bizspark startups (as us) and may be some new stuff until end of promo.

A Cloud Connector helps synchronizing and sharing data between applications as ERP, Web Sites (preferably Orchard but it would work for other .NET or PHP engines) and other cloud related specific dev using .NET or JQuery clients.

On a minimal view, it could simply generate unique indexes (real unique because based on an external engine so no multi-instances or lock / sandbox problems) for any entities, eventually indexing with same index several entities.
Very versatile and easy to integrate using our GitHub samples, see our web site for more here: http://www.datwendo.com

Our offer has a limit on the subscription window: starts now, ends on march 15th 2014.

During this period, any Connector bough from Azure Portal or directly from our web Site with the low SLA level Best-Effort will benefit from an over classing to Classic SLA (that's a near 20% rebate depending the options).
There is no limit in time for each Connector bought in the right window of opportunity, if the subscription is not stopped the over classing will stay eternally following the corresponding price evolution.

What to do to benefit from this offer:
1) Follow @Datwendo on Twitter and like our Facebook page and LinkedIn Group, etc. ,
2) Buy a Connector service on Azure Store or from our Portal (Azure is easier for billing)
3) Send us a tweet with your Azure Subscription and resource Ids, and a link to a discussion you had on this forum.

Datwendo is based on a very 'simple' idea but using complex internal tools to solve complex situation.
Saas makes its pricing very affordable.
Cloud Connector is as simple as a tooth brush, IT has generated too many complex solutions in the past just for the consultants pleasure.
Cloud, mobility and original concepts as Orchard could help gaining back the time lost in kinda Moebuis IT thinking.

Thanks and good Orchard dev and usage.
(Do also have a look in jobs https://orchard.codeplex.com/discussions/531746 )

Christian Surieux
Apr 25, 2014 at 5:23 PM
Hi Christian,

I missed this post earlier but I want to say congratulations! I hope you see the product thrive, I know I will be reading more about it. It is fantastic to see hard work come together.
Apr 25, 2014 at 6:54 PM
Edited Apr 25, 2014 at 6:56 PM
Actually it is a very busy story as MS offered us to upgrade to Bizspark Plus.
So we have got plenty of Azure ... and plenty of work because up to this date I was looking on every byte and process to lower costs, and now I am deploying in all Azure datacenters. And we hired a new marketing team totally crazy :)
Customers are also coming little by little and it takes time to adapt any parameters or bug (Azure Store engine is permanently moving due to all the changes in the company spirit, Cloud is more and more pushed now).
As our marketing has been 'quite low cost' until today, few people understand what we are exactly offering but we are working on a large campaign delivered by MS in May.

My intention was to present our activity to Orchard meeting someday but I am to late to have time preparing it.
I would like to create a kind of community around our client API which we deliver open source on GitHub but for this also I had not even the time to update the source samples I put there 6 months ago.
Our product is killing large companies consulting and licenses revenues but is better adapted to freelancers or small entities who could adapt the client code very easilly.
We are not all paid in the company and have 6 months to find our market.

If you are interested going further, just send me a direct email at firstname.lastname@datwendo.com and I will allocate you free connectors.
But you seem busy a lot on your own side, isn't it ?