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Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello...!

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Feb 6, 2014 at 11:32 PM
Howdy folks!

I am a noobie to Orchard. I'm an old man. Been developing software since I was 15 (now I'm 50). I've been primarily a Microsoft .Net guy, but can do PHP, C, C++, a bit of java. I do a ton of DB work (MS SQL 200x, business intelligence sites, etc.)

I just signed up with WinHost and installed Orchard for the first time. I'm looking to use it for my own site (multi-tenant) to represent some of my own artwork ( as well as to have a site to represent my IT consulting services.

I'm hoping to dig into orchard at some point, perhaps contribute at some point, but mainly I want to explore it to use it and to get to know it as a potential solution for some of my clients.

I previously followed DotNetNuke from back in the early days with Shawn and the gang before it kind of went in more of a corporate direction.

I also do a ton of Sharepoint (I know i know...the evil Microsoft Empire!)

Essentially, I'm trying to round out some options to offer my clients for CMS/Portal frameworks. one of the things I run into a lot (and a HUGE peeve) is seeing how many small biz clients hire some youngling who starts building websites from scratch. I feel so sorry for the owners because they don't know that there's very mature and powerful frameworks out there like Orchard that can be downloaded, plugged in, put to work, and extended.

So that's my story. Just looking to start learning more about Orchard, to use it for a standard couple of online presence sites for my art and my consulting, and to one day see how well i like it's capabilities as a framework to help future clients.

so far, seems pretty decent. I've not done anything with my site yet, and need to get the OOB site themed with some branding, headers, carousels and info while I spend more time learning about the platform.

So hello folks. I hope to be able to ask a few questions from time to time, and when my knowledge of orchard grows, to give back and help others.