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struggling with Facebook.Suite implementation

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Dec 17, 2013 at 7:49 AM
upfront: I'm a total novice (or better: ignorant!) of facebook (FB). Now a friend asked me to do a site using FB! and I'm struggling!

What have I done so far:
  • created a FB account with my friends email address. I can call it ... it seems ok.
  • I added all 4 FB widgets to a Page Called 'SocialMedia'
  • in the Like Box I entered the first time (probably wrongly) for 'PageUrl': 'SocialMedia'
    I changed that field now to ''; the useres FB ID.
when opening the site in WebMatrix i get in the 'comments box' below warning:
Warning: http://localhost:18402/SocialMedia is unreachable.

  • is it possible to run FB out of WebMatrix? i.e. http://localhost:18402/.... ?
  • assuming that the warning is just comment it stays on the old phrase.
    PS: I can check the DB (Piedone_Facebook_Suite_FacebookLikeBoxPartRecord) - it says ''
  • is it correct to use: '' for Page URL ?
  • I also added once in the Admin 'Facebook Suite: App ID, App secret'
    I assume that I do Not need this for a simple FB connection!
    PS: I was not able to empty these fields via the admin panel! I had to blank it out in the DB (Piedone_Facebook_Suite_FacebookSuiteSettingsPartRecord)
  • is there somewhere a documentation for a 'ignorant' like me!?
Thanks for your patience ... any help is appreciated
Jan 2, 2014 at 2:52 PM
well, after some trial / error over Christmas I managed to succeed!