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Orchard as Cloud Service on Windows Azure with multiple instances

Topics: Customizing Orchard, General
Dec 6, 2013 at 4:52 PM
Edited Dec 6, 2013 at 5:35 PM
Project: [5.000 daily visitors - 5 editors]
Orchard Version: 1.7.1
Cloud Service: 2 instances (no autoscale)
  • Cache Cluster Settings: Co-Related Role with Cache Size 30% - how does it affect memory?
  • Named Cache Settings:
    Name / [High Availability] / [Notifications] / [Eviction Policy] / [Expiration Type] / [Time To Live(min)]
    default / Disabled / Disabled / LRU / Absolute / 10
    SessionStateCache / Enabled / Disabled / LRU / Sliding Window / 60
    OutputCache / Enabled / Disabled / LRU / Absolute / 5
    DatabaseCache / Enabled / Disabled / LRU / Absolute / 5
  • Orchard OutputCache: Enabled - 480secs
This is our firtst attempt on Orchard as cloud service on Azure. Pretty much well I think but small problems.

We have the following issues but do not know how to handle them exactly (Orchard or Azure):
  1. When publishing a blogpost (most of times when updating) from time to time we get an error of: "no row with the given identifier exists" for taxonomies (category) or tags - seems nhibernate sync issue between instances?
  2. Problem when rearranging widgets - probably somehow the 2 instances are not in sync. But how?
  3. Problemwith Indexes. We created one, it disppeared. Then appeared again. Then, invisible again. x documents have been indexed. y documents have been indexed. Finally works.
  4. About OutputCache, which value should we trigger: module or Named Cache Settings?
  5. Do you think that we should fine tune Azure settings? If yes, which way?