Media Action extensions

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Dec 4, 2013 at 11:14 AM

I'm trying to extend the Admin Media Action UI: when one has selected a media item in the Media Library, an image for example, some properties are shown on the right and below the properties an Edit button.

In my module I want to add another button next to the Edit button and from what I can see in the MediaLibrary AdminController there is some code("let other modules enhance the ui by providing custom navigation and actions") which would enable me to do so.

It has something to do with the MediaLibraryExplorerPart ("Provides an extension point to add custom shapes to the Navigation and Actions zones of the Media Library explorer")

Problem is I don't know how?

I tried adding that part to my type and added a view: MyModule\Views\Parts\Media.Actions.cshtml; that replaced the Edit button with what was in my view. But I want to add buttons, not replace them.

Some help would be appreciated.