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Shared server problem

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Nov 21, 2013 at 3:45 PM
Dear , I have an urgent query.

Lately I have devoted to make my sites with Orchard .
All this work I have been staying in a shared server with a reseller that I acquired several years ago and so far I had not any problem.
When installing any of these applications, it amounted to a single ApplicationPool and everything worked wonders.

The fact is that today, suddenly stopped working a dozen sites, giving a server error. Researched, and I realized that the panel was no longer hosting the Individual ApplicationPool, if not a generic.

I contacted the hosting support people and they said the following:

"Dear, we inform you that the problem is because, by high consumption
resource of its applications, we should assign a single ApplicationPool
for each of their sites so that this operation does not affect the
performance of other sites on your shared server.

Because we are currently performing control/limitation
by other methods, the sites were under the generic AplicationPool

For the correct operation of your applications, you must configure it to
that impersonen with shared aplicationpool user, which is typical of dedicated servers. "

Then I sent the fee for dedicated servers ...

Of course, these costs are very high and were not foreseen when hired with my clients!

I think this company is acting with a high level of irresponsibility, to make such changes without warning with sudden their customer time and not let off-line a dozen sites that way, mine own included.

Now, before you settle to redevelop all those pages in classic asp, php , or whatever, because I can not think of anything to save face with my clients, I thought to consult with you if there is something else that I can do these jobs to run on that server?

They think it's possible?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me (and sorry for the bad english).

S. D'Augusta
Nov 25, 2013 at 9:08 AM
There are plenty of good hosting companies that provide affordable shared hosting that is compatible with Orchard. You don't have to stick with bad and expensive...