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Some guidelines for a single page application

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Oct 17, 2013 at 5:08 PM

I've been looking into Orchard for some time and also attended the orchard harvest conference this year but have yet to start using the cms. Seen the orchard videos on pluralsight and is very happy about the dojo courses that are online now.

I'm developing in mvc 4 currently and use azure and done most of my things for facebook canvas applications for clients.

Haven't yet wrapped my head around all this with shapes, layers zones, content types and so on but I'll get there finally have some time to look into it, I can see that the cms has super potential and a solid ground for most things.

I going to make single page app now and I want to use orchard for this.

It's a pretty simple page.

On the first page are some pictures on that will be stacked on top of each other that the user can choose between. On the front end I'll be using jquery and knockout.js and make a gallery for that.
The pictures needs to be loaded somehow, for instance via ajax

then the user can choose what text to display with the picture and finally be able to post in on facebook or whatever we choose do use in the future.

On the backend the administrator needs to have the possibility to upload pictures that will show up in the gallery.

And also enter the text lines to choose between.

The simpler the admin side is for the administrators to use the better, but that can be tweaked later on.

So, can anyone with some orchard experience give me some hints how you would proceed to build such an app?
Oct 18, 2013 at 5:51 PM
Do you see any issues in advance, or are there specific areas that are blurry for you?

Because creating a SPA is not fundamentally different in Orchard than in standard ASP.NET MVC. It seems that you app will store some content thus developing content types and parts as needed is something you may want to do (what is demonstrated in the Training Demo module in detail). Even then you don't really interact with shapes, layers or zones at a lower level.

Generally when you start to develop less common web applications like games or any SPA you'll start to do less CMS-y things. This also means that you'd use Orchard more as a server-side web framework than a straightforward CMS. There's nothing to afraid of, however, because Orchard is an excellent framework; and also you'll need features like user management, data storage in DB/in files or editable pages (i.e. content) pretty much all the time, that are just given by Orchard.
Oct 23, 2013 at 8:56 PM
Thanks for the reply.
The project have been temporarily postponed so I have time to test a little on my own now.

I get the idea now, basically build a module that delivers the data I want to provide. How exactly I should use the media function for uploading data and post that via the module is blurry. But it doesn't matter right now. It's better I experiment with the training demo module to understand how it works and if I get a more specific question I'll ask then.

Using orchard as a framework is most likely the way I will use it in the future. I wouldn't mind using it as a cms in general but we'll see if I manage to convince my boss of that. He likes wordpress, I don't. Could cost me my job actually but I don't care, I prefer orchard and mvc.