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Orchard.exe clean orchard.web 1.6.1

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Oct 16, 2013 at 8:51 PM
The way we use our orchard development process stopped working.
I created the following approach:
  Misc.     --> contains initial project setup/ module install scripts + modified web.config
  orchard  --> git submodule containing unmodified orchard.web 1.6
                      This to easily support new verslons of orchard 
The orchard folder contains also the orchard libs + ddls from orchard source zip in separate folders, this to reference the correct orchard dlls in modules.

Misc folder also contains sites folder for our multi tenancy sites.

First thing I do when checking out this project for the first time, is copy over the Sites folder to app_data. Copy misc\web.config.
Use simlimks to make modules and themes folder project directly available in orchard folder without having to copy the folders during post build events,

Then I start orchard.exe to install few base packages in orchard. The code is just on disk without IIS.

This method we used for the past 4 months with great success, but at one part this orchard.exe is unable to install packages any more. Getting the error that I don't have permissions on modules or theme folder. I'm administrator of my machine, tried changing permissions to everyone full control, also tried suggestion to change the orchard feed URL. But still have the problem with my team that we cannot install the packages from orchard.exe anymore.

Also reverted everything in the orchard folder and try to run the package installments with orchard.exe but without success (only copied default site settings txt)

Anybody has a clue where I'm missing something? Can the Db has influence on this? --> deployed sites are still running....

I tested on machine with latest windows update and without updates for 3 months, still same story.

We also use the same approach / project setup to create packages with team city of our custom modules and upload them to the different environments dev, acc, preproduction, etc... The creation of packages still works fine...