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SQL Tables Locking

Topics: Troubleshooting
Oct 2, 2013 at 4:56 PM
Hi All,
I'm having an issue with a recently deployed Orchard website with some custom modules that we've built. The problem is when we try to create a content item, it fails after some time with a SQL timeout error. If we look at db trace or watch the database while trying to save, we see that there is one SQL connection that is directly or indirectly blocking many of the others. For the blocking connection, the reported last query is:
(@p0 int)SELECT warmupsett0_.Id as Id896_0_, warmupsett0_.Urls as Urls896_0_, warmupsett0_.Scheduled as Scheduled896_0_, warmupsett0_.Delay as Delay896_0_, warmupsett0_.OnPublish as OnPublish896_0_ FROM Orchard_Warmup_WarmupSettingsPartRecord warmupsett0_ WHERE warmupsett0_.Id=@p0
It appears the this connection is not blocked by anything else but other connections are directly or indirectly blocked by it. I'm wondering if the connection has started a transaction that wasn't committed or rolled back.

I can post logs, traces, or anything else to help diagnose.

Any help with would be appreciated.

Oct 5, 2013 at 3:37 AM
You probably have code that steals connections. You should try to look at the perf counter for sql connections.