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How can I display something on the main Dashboard page

Topics: Administration, General
Aug 23, 2013 at 7:12 PM
I've got a custom module that works - menu link and all. When I click the link it displays my Index.cshtml with whatever data is entered by the user in the route specified in the module.

I also created and enabled a separate admin theme for the backend. Pretty much copied all the views in TheAdmin. Also copied the Index.cshtml from Core/Dashboard/Views/Admin.

On that Index.cshtml there are the stock Orchard <div>'s that display content about Orchard. I can modify that to my hearts content with static HTML.

However, what I am wanting to do is have more of a "real" dashboard main page. I would like to pull in just a view of maybe the top 5 entries from my own module's Index.cshtml. Then have those 5 link to the Detail.cshtml page in my module's route AND have a simple link that will go to the Index.cshmtl page of my module itself. Sort of a preview on the front page of the Dashboard.

At first I thought I should do it in my module, but I am not sure how. Otherwise, is that something I have to do in my modified Admin theme?

Any insight and code examples would be helpful. Thanks. I haven't seen anything out there that does this (if there is can you point me in the right direction?).