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How display name from a content picker field when used in an query with Grouping property

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Jul 9, 2013 at 2:29 PM

I have one content type ( B ) that have an content picker field linked to content type ( A).

I have a query that is Filtered by Content with type (B) , the layout is html list with display mode "Properties" :

.TitlePartRecord Title
.Field A: Default value ( content picker field -> content type (A))

and the Grouping property = Field A. ( content picker field )

the output is :

  . Title ( content type B)
   . Title ( content type B)
My problem is with {12} and {16} , i will like to have the title name of the content type ( A ).

I try to use Rewrite Results / Rewrite output and use the token {Content.Fields.B.A} but the result is still an number.

Any sugestion