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Updating custom modules

Topics: Customizing Orchard, Writing modules
May 15, 2013 at 7:33 PM
My company hosts an Orchard site for a client, and we have development, beta, and production environments in which we make incremental deployments.

When we deploy updates to specific modules, our procedure is to overwrite the module folder located in /Orchard.Web/Modules on the target environment with the source environment, and then reload the site. Sometimes it seems that this does not always fully update the module (with migrations or no migrations involved). We've found that disabling and re-enabling a module in the CMS typically remedies this issue.

However, I recently deployed an updated module to beta, and used the same procedure above with no issues. I then deployed the same update to production, and when I disabled the module it gave me file permission errors to files located in the /Orchard.Web/App_Data/Dependencies folder. I saw no permission differences between beta and production. This ultimately resulted in a complete rollback of site files and database in order to fix.

With that said, is this the proper procedure for deploying updated modules? I'm worried that we are doing this improperly and its leading to bad side effects. Why would I receive this error after deploying to an environment that seemed almost identical to its beta counterpart?