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Unable to format the Publish date property in the Rewrite Results section.

Topics: Administration, Core
Apr 28, 2013 at 8:27 PM
I have a news content type with the publication date part (part of the OOTB common parts) added to it.

I am trying to wrap each of the date units (e,g. dd, MMM, etc) with a div of their own so I am using the rewrite results feature.

I can get this to work using the created date and the following syntax;
<div class="date-value">{Content.Date.Format:dd}</div><div class="month-value">{Content.Date.Format:MMM}</div><div class="year-value">{Content.Date.Format:yyyy}</div>
However, I cannot figure out how to apply this to the Published Date part. No matter what rewrite I use, it doesn't output anything.

Is there a bug or an issue with rewriting the results of the Publish date or am I just miles off with my syntax?

Steps to reproduce;
  1. Create a new content type
  2. Add the Publish Later and Containable parts to the content type
  3. Add a new query
  4. Add a new Html layout to this query
  5. Add the publication date part to this layout
  6. Expand the Rewrite Results section and select the Rewrite output feature
  7. Try and rewrite the output of the publish date into another format, e.g. Format:yyyy-MMM-dd
I am using Orchard v 1.6