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Should i have moree layers for same page to get more Image Galleries?

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Feb 14, 2013 at 7:31 PM
I have a page Assortiment, where i would like to show a number of Image galleries, each upon a menu on the left side. The page is based upon a layer called Assortiment
AsideFirst contains the menu and each keyword points to an Image gallery. The Gallery will be done inside Content.

The dashboard Media Tab: contains 3 image galleries (for now to test) called: Diesel, DKNY and Hulchi. Clikking on one will show images which are inside.

The dashboard Gallery tab: you see 3 galleries: Diesel, DKNY and Hulchi.
Clicking for example on Diesel will show all the pictures in this gallery.
Clicking on an image you see: Title and Description

The Dasboard Widgets tab: In the layer Assortiment all Galleries are mentioned. Cliking on one of them (Hulchi) you see:
Zone:   Content
Layer:  Assortiment
Image Gallery
New Content type is added:
Image Gallery Widget
Add Field:      Merk (textfield)
Display name:   Provider
Running will give on the page the menu and the content field. Strange thing is that all three Image Galleries are showed. Where I thought that only clikking on one should show that gallery .

Link to a gallery:
<a href="/assortiment?merk=hulchi">Hulchi</a><br />

Question: On the page Assortiment should I give for each image gallery a different layer? Any other advise is welkom ;-)
Feb 14, 2013 at 7:52 PM
I would not. A layer that applies to only one content item, to me, is a mistake (except maybe for landing pages such as the home page). It's better to add a part to the content type, and then to send the corresponding shape to a global zone (using /zonename:1 in placement).