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(portal) New project, i need your opinions

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Nov 28, 2012 at 7:54 AM
Edited Nov 28, 2012 at 7:56 AM

Hi every body, actually i have been thinking alot recently which cms can i choose to start my new website project... or do i have to start from scratch..

i started with orchard but i didn't find the information resources that can be enough to build my project

i want you my friends to help me with opinion about my project, is it can be done using orchard..


my project is a very special website (existing one "php") and i need to renew it with mvc 

it's contain many sections just like the following 

1- Articles: title, category, writer (could be a website member and its will be published after approved ), created date, visits count, comments, star rating

users can comment on an article or on comment

it should be a related articles categorized by article category and article writer 

it should be able to sent by visitor to a friend 

2- Many kind of files available to download 

file( books): writer, sender name(who share it with website)  visits count, comments just like articles and ratings 

file(music): instead of writer in book it will be "Artist"   sender name(who share it with website)  visits count, comments just like articles etc...

3- statistics: many kind of data statistics.

4- ads: i need two kinds of ads (google, website ad)

5- search engine for my data in the website (basic and advanced)

5- many of widgets and menus 

6- a very complex home page, many kinds of jquery sliders 

what i need:

actually im very new with orchard and i feel it will be very helpful with this website for me, for users and maintenance in future .

so would you please help me in how can i start and where.

if there any one can help with work or information, we can corporate