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Bootstrap Theme

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Nov 1, 2012 at 10:44 PM

I FINALLY updated my Bootstrap theme. It's available both in the Gallery and on Codeplex.

Sorry for the long delay in updates...I've been overly busy writing a custom application that's actually using Orchard as the base framework and a modified version of the Bootstrap theme I just uploaded. The custom app has several modules for Orchard that provide:

  • A front end for self serve report generation with Web Focus
  • Custom Request Management System (too many details to's awesome)
  • Notification system with hourly/daily polls of the database that trigger alerts
  • Impersonation system using a modified Contrib.Profile that allows secured use of the system as another user for troubleshooting purposes
  • Active Directory integration with daily updates of user data from LDAP
  • Metrics management and Dashboards using Kendo

Most of the data being accessed by the modules is in DB2! Hopefully this shows the true versatility of Orchard and what it can be used for.