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Queries - add new filter - Part Record missing

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Oct 3, 2012 at 6:53 AM

thanks for your time ...

I'm able to create with my ContentType 'Event' the ContentIems ok. With a Projection I want now to show these ContentItems using some filters in my Query.

Problem: I do NOT see my Eve 'Part Records' (Eve being the part) when in the 'Add a Filter' screen.

However, I'm able to pick, with 'add a new filter':  Content -> ContentTypes my 'Event' and see, with 'preview', my Items correctly.
Now, I would like to apply a filter based on a field (DateStart) in my 'Eve part record'. But, as said, the 'Eve part record' is NOT shown at all in the 'Add a Filter' screen.
PS: I have done this before in other sites and know it works! ...

What am I possibly missing when seeing (and can pick) the 'ContentType' but NOT seeing the 'Eve part record'?
Below my 'Migrations.cs' .

As usual it's probably something simple and stupid ...

Thanks for your time and hints, ed

namespace Eve {
    public class Migrations : DataMigrationImpl {

        public int Create() {
   // Creating table EvePartRecord
   SchemaBuilder.CreateTable("EvePartRecord", table => table
    .Column("Description", DbType.String)
    .Column("DateStart", DbType.DateTime)
    .Column("DateEnd", DbType.DateTime)
    .Column("Contact", DbType.String)
    .Column("Category", DbType.String)
            builder => builder.Attachable());
        ContentDefinitionManager.AlterTypeDefinition("Event", cfg => cfg
        return 1;

Oct 5, 2012 at 1:38 AM
Edited Oct 5, 2012 at 1:39 AM

oops, hope nobody spent time on it ...

.... I forgot all about 'Binding' the needed fields in 'Queries'!, ed