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New to Orchard - How Do I manage recipe changes?

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Aug 2, 2012 at 10:25 PM


I recently installed Orchard 1.5 on a 2008 server using webmatrix.  When I installed Orchard, I chose the "Blog" recipe.  Afterwards, I realized that I needed the "default" recipe instead.  Again using webmatrix, I re-installed Orchard and ran the setup again, this time using the "default" recipe.  It worked and I was able to use the CMS locally in that fashion.

I shut the machine down and when I restarted it, the Orchard web pages I was getting were from the "blog" recipe.  Looking at the folder modified dates, it appears nothing changed in inetpub\wwwroot\orchard when I re-installed the package.

URL entries in the browser history that I entered during the session immediately after running the new install/recipe no longer worked.

Poking around, I found another website directory tree in Users\MyUserName\My Documents\My Web Sites\Orchard CMS that has dates which look accurate.

Before I started moving stuff in the background, I thought I would ask a few questions here:

-Why did the second webmatrix install only work for the first session?  Is it reasonable to expect that a reboot would not change this?

-How do I get back to my "default" recipe and the changes I made within the CMS?

- How do I run multiple recipe instances in Orchard on the same machine using IIS?

I realize these are new user questions, but I could not find answers on the discussion board or in the documentation.  Thank you for any input.


Aug 3, 2012 at 7:15 PM

You will not see a difference in the files that get installed no matter what recipe you choose. Recipes just enable or disable features and modify settings.

What do you mean by "Why did the second webmatrix install only work for the first session?" A reboot won't change anything though.

You most likely did two separate installs of Orchard, that live in two different folders on your hard drive. Just open one or the other directory as a web site in WebMatrix and you'll be operating on that site. WebMatrix uses IIS Express, so your sites will be only temporarily available while WM is open only. When you close WM, the site is no longer accessible until you re-open it.

If you want to run multiple instance of Orchard on the same box using IIS, just configure multiple web applications to point to your multiple folders.

N00b questions are perfectly fine here, don't worry ;)

Aug 4, 2012 at 3:03 AM

Thank you Bertrand - your posting was correct.  I ran WebMatrix, opened the web site in there and there was my default recipe.   All my changes were there. I shut down WM when I rebooted the system, hence the confusion between restarting the system and shutting down WebMatrix.

I would like to run multiple instances of Orchard on the same system.  I started looking at IIS manager to accomplish this objective, but am in the learning curve relative to IIS manager.   Any information you can point me towards to accomplish this goal would be appreciated. 

A related question is whether I created my second recipe (the default one) in the intended way.  I used webmatrix to download the Orchard software again, essentially installing a second copy.  One, the first one I created with the Blog recipe, is in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\orchard while the second with the default recipe is in C:\Users\Administrator\ Documents\My Web Sites\Orchard CMS.   Since I am creating these on a micro Amazon EC2, disk space is critical and I would prefer not having two copies where one would do.  So, if there is a method to create two recipe implementations with one set of files, I would like to do it.

Thanks again. 

Aug 6, 2012 at 7:03 PM

I can't teach you how to use IIS here. The web site should give you the information you need.

To host multiple sites on one instance of Orchard, you can use multi-tenancy:

Aug 8, 2012 at 9:14 PM
Edited Aug 8, 2012 at 9:16 PM

I appreciate your assistance and understand that you can't go too far outside the Orchard space, so I totally get your reluctance on discussing IIS.

Also, I found your helpful video on youtube regarding Webmatrix deployment of Orchard sites:

However, I think to fully benefit from the capabilities of Orchard, having a  change management model beyond a two step "develop and publish" model.  It would be great to have a conventional "Development/Test/Stage/Production" workflow to keep the environment under quality change control while adding modules, etc.  Being able to move from Webmatrix to IIS on the same machine for me facilitates part of that goal.

Of course, IIS looks to have a lot of features to master, but I have been looking into it and gotten it to the point where I can publish from Webmatrix to IIS.  For the benefit of anyone reading this thread, here are the settings I used in Webmatrix:

Server:  IP Address of the machine (ie from ipconfig command)

User name:  An Administrator level user on the machine

Password:  password for above

Site Name: Default Web Site (type it in exactly like that - it is the first entry in the "Sites" tree in IIS)

Destination URL: http://computername (computername should be taken from the properties in Windows explorer under the "Computer" entry)

Note that when I made Destination URL = localhost, the connection was successful, but the Save operation in Webmatrixdid not respond.

I expect I will have to change the IP address setting when I reboot...I would guess the dnsname would work as well, but since that can change too when using Amazon instances, it won't prevent me from having to maintain this information in some fashion.