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Localization autopilot?

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Jun 6, 2012 at 3:30 PM

I noticed Orchard has some built in localization support along with a couple localization modules, but I'm not sure I'm finding exactly what I'm looking for. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but I was hoping find some very specific features.

Lets say I have a 5-page article website and each page is listed in the menu along with a list of pages widget in the aside left.

Okay, now lets say i want to localize the site for French. This is what I'd like to see go down when I add a Site Culture:

1. After adding a Site Culture, On the front end, I'd like to switch between the localized versions of the site via a list of hyperlinks.

2. Everything on the page including the menu, lists, content, header, title, and footer badge stuff should be French. And to top it all off, be index-able by search engines; meaning, no Ajax Kung-Fu on-the-fly stuff.

2. The local paths for each localized version of a page should be the same except for a root sub directory of the culture code. For instance, If the English version was located at:, the French localized version should be located at: even though the localized page title would not match the local path any more.

4. And I don't necessarily want to hand jam each localized version. When I initialize a localized version of the site or make any changes to the English version, I want Orchard to utilize translation services such as Bing or Google translator APIs and generate any necessary resx files that Orchard needs along with getting localized versions of Content and storing them some how.

I tinkered around with this in the 1.4.2 build, and what I found wasn't quite like this. I was able to add a new Translation for a Content Page, but

1. There's the hand jam factor. To manually translate each page for 15 some odd languages across 50 some odd tenants is a monumental task.

2. And in the end, both the English and French versions of a Page lived in the Menu side by side. This just won't cut it.

I'm determined enough to eventually build these features into modules or the Orchard Core if needed, but I'm hoping for this to exist in some form or another. Is there anything out there that could get me heading in this direction?

Jun 6, 2012 at 6:32 PM

Well, we're doing a similar system (as in the culture aware urls + menu system) mostly from scratch (based on some 'just not sufficient for our needs' modules found on the gallery)

So far things are going OK.

Just my 2 cents :)

Jul 6, 2012 at 3:23 PM

1. you can do this by altering the Orchard.Localization LocalizationPart "detail" shape - just place it where you need (using code in the cshtml file or in your theme folder). This will enable you to switch directly to the localization of the content viewed.

2. the only solution for this right now is to create culture layers and separate widgets (including menus - use Advanced Menu module for example) for the languages. I recently created a module that helps (culture layer rule, culture projection filters).

3. This is possible, but good user experience will come after my update of Orchard.Localization module is accepted and integrated (ability to specify content culture when creating it). You'll still need goodies from the above mentioned module however (culture selector, culture tokens).

4. I think this could be achieved by a custom module placing some magic javascript in the translation UI.. But there is no such module yet as far as I know..