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Tabular data in tabular data

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May 10, 2012 at 7:19 PM

I'm looking for ideas on how to handle a page of a site I'm working on to see if anyone else has hit this before.  The page has all the normal stuff on the top half but the bottom half (as far as the design goes) has three tabs worth of data.

1st tab has two column of copy

2nd tab has tabular data

3rd tab has a sort of 'menu' one the left of 8-15 different subjects containing different copy (like a tabbed data inside of a tab).


knowing that the account team would easily mess up any embedded div's my first instinct was to do some sort of list in a list in Orchard. That way the account team wouldn't need to worry about anything but typing what they want.  I'd love to hear some other ideas from the community!

Thanks in advance,