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Slug Generation Issues

Topics: Core, Customizing Orchard
Apr 9, 2012 at 7:59 PM

I've read a few of the threads on the Orchard discussion forum, but haven't found something that describes the specific issue I am seeing:

Currently using Orchard 1.3:

I have a page (/Categories) that contains a list of my custom content type "ProductCategories". ProductCategories contain a list of my custom content type "ProductParts". Both ProductCategories and ProductParts have the "Route" part, along with most other standard Orchard parts.

I create a category of "Wheels". I note that the Permalink URL is not prefixed with ".../Categories". I publish the new Category. I check that the new category appears in the category list page, but see that it's url is NOT prefixed with ".../Categories". When I click on the page, I go to the correcct page, but at the (incorrect) ".../Wheels" URL.

I then edit the Wheels category. I now notice that the permalink has been changed to include the correct prefix. I do nothing other than re-publish the page. Now the page's URL is correctly updated, the categories list links to the page at the correct address and all is well.

Question: Why is my "New Category" page NOT setting the permalink correctly when a new category page is created? Or am I missing something?